hyperCLEAN Gold Standard Wash Kit

hyperCLEAN Gold Standard Wash Kit
hyperCLEAN Gold Standard Wash Kit
hyperCLEAN Gold Standard Wash Kit
hyperCLEAN Gold Standard Wash Kit
hyperCLEAN Gold Standard Wash Kit

hyperCLEAN Gold Standard Wash Kit

Enjoy this awesome product. It's one of my favorites!

Maintain Your Car Like A Pro
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Wash your car the Gold Standard Auto Works way. This kit includes:

  • 16oz of Foam Wash (pH neutral car shampoo)
  • 16oz of Sliq (SiO2 detailing spray)
  • 16oz of TRX (tire, rubber, exterior cleaner)
  • 16oz of Ultra Dress (plastic, rubber, and vinyl dressing)

More details on each product can be found below:

hyperCLEAN Foam Wash

hyperCLEAN Foam Wash is a pH neutral formula that produces incredible suds. Foam Wash adds incredible lubrication to the surface which helps insure a safe wash that won't leave scratches or swirls in your cars paint. Our concentrated formula produces a thick foam that rinses clean so it won't leave residue or water spots behind.

  • pH Neutral
  • Easy Rinsing Formula 
  • Will Not Remove Existing Protection

hyperCLEAN Foam Wash is designed to be the safest and most well balanced car soap on the market. Many soaps will leave heavy residue behind on your cars paint but we have purposely designed our soap to easily rinse off leaving no chance for residue. 

Dilution Recommendation:

  • Add 2-3oz to a foam cannon or wash bucket for best results.

hyperCLEAN Sliq

The Perfect Silica Spray. SLIQ has made protecting your car easier than ever before. The amount of depth and gloss that is left behind after using SLIQ will leave everyone speechless.

What is the biggest complaint about silica sprays? The massive streaking/smearing they leave behind for you to deal with on your cars paint, taking away from the gloss and shine. SLIQ is the first completely streak free silica spray on the market which provides the greatest user experience available. 

SLIQ Benefits

  • SLIQ has UV Inhibitors to add UV Protection 
  • High quality silica allows SLIQ to work well with ceramic coatings, waxes, and sealants
  • SLIQ can be used as a drying aid, maintenance for a coating, on windows, rims, and safe on trim
  • No streaking. Leads to a safer application. More streaks=More wiping. The more we touch the paint the more likely we inflict damage.


Make sure to shake up the bottle before using. Use on a dry or wet surface. Place a couple sprays on the panel or towel and wipe on the surface. Flip towel over and wipe dry. It really is that simple!


hyperCLEAN TRX is the most versatile cleaner on the market. It is a true multi-purpose cleaner that can be used to clean up plastics, rubber, paint, engines and even coated leather.

  • Concentrated Surfactant Makes TRX Extremely Versatile
  • Safe On All Modern Surfaces 
  • Better Cleaning Ability Than Most Harsh Degreasers

TRX was developed to address the many different surfaces we find on cars today. A safe cleaner with the power to clean up all the modern surfaces of cars is what sets TRX apart.

 Dilution Recommendations:

  • Light Cleaning: 4:1 
  • Medium Cleaning: 3:1 
  • Heavy Cleaning: 1:1
  • To use on light paint pre soaking try 10:1
  • On Interiors 20:1 for a coated leathers and light staining. 

hyperCLEAN Ultra Dress

Ultra Dress is a water based dressing that is designed to be extremely versatile. Safe and effective on non-painted plastic, rubber engine components, tires, wheel areas, as well as interior and exterior trim. 

We have designed this dressing to be super easy to use, just spray on and use your applicator of choice to work into surface. Ultra Dress provides a clean look as well as protection for your tires or plastic surfaces. 

Ultra Dress is a dilutable dressing which saves money.

Recommended Dilutions

Full Strength - Great for that high shine finish on tires and plastics

2:1 - Medium shine finish on tires and plastics

4:1 - Matte finish on tires and plastics

Ultra Dress can be diluted to your liking, helping to achieve the desired finish you are looking for on tires and plastics.

Our shipping policy varies by brand. Please refer to the shipping information in each product listing for more details.

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